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Heavy Duty PVC Vinyl digitally printed full colour or mesh banners – with welted hems, brass eyelets and reinforced corners.

We specialise in the production of digitally printed promotion / advertising vinyl or mesh banners. There are no colour limitations. Vinyl banners can be created using photographs, gradients, fades, glows, 3D effects and virtually any other cutting edge or state of the art effect.

If you can dream it we can design and print it. We can print any size vinyl banners. Our banners are printed at up to 1440dpi, with UV protected eco solvent inks and finished with strengthened hems and brass eyelets, or with pole pockets. High quality 550 gsm pvc material.

Vivid colours are important in marketing your event, company name or brand. Get attention with an Outdoor or Indoor banner for your:

company advertising, sports events, pitch advertising, perimeter board advertising, scaffolders & builders, events, promotions, concerts, tours, trade fair and exhibitions, sales, motor sport, signage panels, street & signage, birthday & pendant type, temporary exterior shop signs.

From 6ft x 2ft up to 30ft x 4ft

6ft x 2ft (1828mm x 609mm)   £49.95
8ft x 2ft (2438mm x 609mm)   £59.95
10ft x 2ft (3048mm x 609mm) £69.95
12ft x 2ft (3657mm x 609mm) £79.95
14ft x 2ft (4267mm x 609mm) £94.95
16ft x 2ft (4876mm x 609mm) £105.95

8ft x 3ft (2438mm x 914mm)   £79.95
10ft x 3ft (3048mm x 914mm) £94.95
12ft x 3ft (3657mm x 914mm) £119.95
14ft x 3ft (4267mm x 914mm) £139.95
16ft x 3ft (4876mm x 914mm) £159.95

All prices are + VAT. Bespoke sizes and prices on request.

In addition to our custom sticker decals, pop up or roller banners and other promotional signage, we can supply custom posters and backlit posters for all your advertising needs.

Types of Banners explained:-

Hemmed/Welded and Eyeleted:
This is the most common finishing as it allows them to be used in many different ways. Some clients will simply want to fix their banner to the nearest fence whilst others to the outer wall of a building or to a portable banner frame. These eyelets give this versatility whilst the hems or welds give added strength for outdoor conditions.

Looped (Sleeved) Top & Bottom:
Scaffolding banners. These pvc banners have a loop/sleeve at the top and bottom of the banner. This enables them to be used with scaffolding poles, rods and dowels enabling many options for hanging. Loop size can be to your specifications to ensure that the banner fits for your application. Ideal for building and scaffolding contrators, business owners with scaffolding to promote their business.

Trimmed & Eyeleted:
Sometimes you might not need the additional strength that hems and welds add. Typically, indoor uses do not require this and in these cases the banner is trimmed to size and then eyelets can be applied as necessary. When under 18 inches in height they do not have welded hems along the top and bottom.

A banner does not usually need planning permission as they are classed as a temporary sign.

We recommend rolling away after use – never wet or damp.

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